welcome to mumsmilk

mumsmilk is all about care for mum & baby. supporting mums on their journey and providing them with the care and confidence to enjoy the time with their baby.

we offer practical guidance, personalised care and effective solutions. all designed to empower mums to trust in their innate maternal instincts. all tailored to suit the needs of mum & baby.

mumsmilk offers a broad range of tailored midwifery series including antenatal breastfeeding education, breastfeeding support, parenting support and low level laser therapy.

our care is based on an empathetic, holistic and evidence based approach. we are constantly updating our skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care for mum & baby.

mumsmilk is very excited to be treating mums with low level laser therapy. this is a highly effective treatment for a variety of breastfeeding challenges. it is especially suited for relieving discomfort in mums with sore and damaged nipples.

we provide our services either in your home all over metropolitan melbourne and at our consulting rooms. we are here to care for mum & baby 7 days a week.

online consultation via phone or video available!

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we are here for you

in these challenging times the needs of our mothers and babies don’t change because of COVID19. while this virus impacts our daily lives mumsmilk is still here and available to support your breastfeeding journey whether you are a new mum or having complications with an older baby. 

breastfeeding is after all still the best way to help strengthen your baby’s immune system. 

as we are being called to social isolation we are shifting our services to an online only platform for the immediate future. we are available either online through our messaging service or for a chat over the phone. full consultations will be offered via video conferencing on facebook messenger or face time.

we are very happy to offer a reduced fee for families who are struggling in this time, please talk to us. 

stay well and look after each other.